Oeystein appointed Director at The Institute for Christian Pedagogy and Culture at
The Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS) in Osijek.

The Seminary is a College that from its unpretentious start in a basement in Zagreb in 1972 has trained and educated pastors and others for the churches in the former communist countries.
In 1980 the school was moved to Osijek in eastern part of Croatia. Before leaving Norway Oeystein was asked
if he could teach some subjects at the ETS, but just as we arrived, the schools Dean, Michael Kusmic, died. Beside this tragic incident, one of the directors left the school.
Due to this Oeystein was asked to become the Director of The Institute for Christian Pedagogy and Culture. This Department qualifies teachers in Christianity for the public schools and churches. At the moment 32 students are full time students at the Institute.
Due to well qualified teachers and other co-workers at the Institute, Oeystein feels he can take this responsibility beside his comprehensive church-ministry.
(We will give an extensive presentation of the school later).

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