Finally, -after one month with lots of work, we have moved in to our new
home in Croatia.
It turned out to be much more difficult to find a house for rent here in
Orahovica then we first believed. The only one we could find was a house
that was in need of total redecoration. But size and location was just what
we were looking for. First of all we had to caulk seven holes in the roof,
-then all the other. Our dear pastor-couple Slobodan & Lidija, together
with many others from the church have helped us a lot. Thanks to all of
them. Due to different reasons we had to cover the cost of the
redecoration, but thanks to many good friends back home in Norway, we were
able to make it. Thanks to you as well.

Even though paint and wallpaper have taken quite a lot of time, we have had
bible-studies every thursday night, and most every sunday we have preached
in two different churches. We have also attended the anual conference for
The Evangelical Churches in Croatia in Zagreb. Here we were introduced and
welcomed to Croatia.

In near future we will make a visit to several churches in different parts
of Croatia. As our ministry will be in close relation to the churches, it
is important for us, -as for the churches to get to know each other better.

We are stillnot on internet, but hopefully before the end of this month
(oct.) we will be connected. As we are able to read our mail at the pastors
home, we can be reached on our e-mail:
Our croatian mobile no is: + 385 911903442.

We like you to know that we are so thankful for your prayers and support.
Thanks to you all.

Yours in His service
Edith and Oeystein.

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