Impressions from our trip to Kenya.

It turned out to be both a busy and blessed trip for us to Kenya.We flew KLM from Kristiansand (Norway) to Amsterdam.
And from there by Kenyan Airways to Nairobi. Maurice and Benter Odiambo, founders and leaders of Manna Ministries,
Kenya, met us at the airport. And after a short rest at our hotel, we visited a day-care centre in one of the poorer districts of Nairobi.
The centre was called “Glorious Junior Centre”, but to us Norwegians we have to admit that we saw nothing glorious,
except for the great enthusiasm in this work. And when we think of the alternative for these 100 kids,
-the enormous garbage dump- where pigs, dogs, big birds and people were fighting for something in order to survive,
The name might be right, -“Glorious Junior Centre”. Sat. 11th. and Sund. 12th of Aug. Maurice had organized a
Pastor-seminar in Nairobi. It turned out to be two quite busy days, - but full of The Lords blessings.
Besides feeding them spiritually, we were also able to feed them Physically.

From Nairobi we went by night-train to Mombasa for another big seminar for around 500 pastors from
East African Pentecostal Churches, EAPC. Together with Pastor Jan Ernst Gabrielsen and the Missionary-couple
Jan Erik and Eli Siv Stenersen, we shared the teaching during the four days of this convention.
By the grace of our Lord, we were led by the Spirit to compliment each other in a wonderful way.
And we received many positive comments from the delegates.

Happy Children i
"Glorious Junior Centre"
Singing and joyce
under seminar in Nairobi.
500 pastorer gathered
for seminar in Mombasa.

Then,-from Mombasa-, Edith and I flew to Kisumu for our last seminar. During our visit to Kisumu,
we also hoped to get time to pay a visit to our friend from many years back, Bishop Silas Oviti. And what a surprise.
Who else, but Silas Oviti was standing at the airport as we landed, -waiting for guests from England.
It for sure was a great joy meeting this great and strong Man of God, -a true living legend.

Already Saturday morning we started our seminar for pastors in The Manna Ministry Centre outside of Kisumu.
Many widows and orphan children were also present. And besides feeding them spiritually,
-we were again able to feed them Physically. .

Biskop Silas Oviti
at the airport in Kisumu.
Widow and her children in front of their new house
Edith og Maurice and a pile of plankets.

Sunday we also visited a widow outside of Kisumu. Some months ago we built her a new house.
It was a great joy seeing her house. But it was with sadness we learned that her children were not able to
attend school just due to lack of money to buy school-uniforms. We have to do something about that!
In the afternoon we were able to hand out new blankets to all the 65 registered widows.

Then, -Monday morning we all joined together in a minibus. The road back to Nairobi was something special.
It is more like moon-craters where the driver all the time tried not to fall into the deepest of them.
After more then 9 hours of driving we finally reached our hotel, and we could dive into the bed completely exhausted.
Next morning Maurice and Benter came to pick us up bringing us to the airport, - and our journey home started….

We like to say thank you to all of you that made it possible for us to visit Kenya this time.
And a great thank you also to Maurice, Benter and all the other that received us so well.

Many invited us back for new seminars next year, - and our answer in simple: Yes, Kenya, We are for sure coming back!
God bless you all !

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