Our New Engagement in Africa.

Nearly every day we receive all kinds of peculiar e-mails from Africa.
Most of them are deleted and never opened. But when we early summer this year got a mail from an organisation
called Manna Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya, we responded. Manna Ministries, founded and led by the evangelist
Maurice Odhiambo, is an interdenominational evangelical organisation reaching out from their headquarter in Nairobi
to Eastern and Central Africa.
Shortly about our engagement this far:
Oeysteins Gospeltract, “Lifes Most Important Question” is now translated and printed in 60.000 copies in the Swahili language.
Besides this 10.000 copies have been printed in English. There is now a need for a reprint of another 60.000 copies to be
distributed before Christmas. For this we will need your help!
House for widow. During the summer we got a request from Manna Ministries if we could help a poor widow with three children
to rebuild their house that had collapsed during the rainy season. The cost for rebuilding the new house was approximately
Euro 1.000,-, or US$ 1.300,-. During our “summer vacation” we mentioned the need in churches and among other friends.
The respond was good, and we got enough to help her get a new house.
The house is now finished, -and she and her three children has moved in.
A big thanks to all that helped us to help her. Thanks also to Manna Ministries for administrating the rebuilding of the house.
Further collaboration with Manna Ministries. Even though our primary field for outreach is Balkan and former Yougoslavia,
we will always be open to be led by God to move in to other needed areas. Africa is a continent hard hit by AIDS,
and there is an estimate of 12 million children with only one, - or no parents, due to that. This number is believed to rise to
20 million within the next few years. We will like to help some of these children. Among the many ministries
Maurice Odhiambo and Manna Ministries are doing, is helping children. We would like to take part with them in this as well

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