Lifes most important question.
By Dr. Oystein Sandtorv.

Some years ago I heard of one who had written with big letters on a concrete wall
along a road in the Philippines: “Jesus is the answer”.
Later another came and stopped in front of this peculiar statement.
He picked up a peace of chalk from his pocket and wrote: “But what is the question?”

My friend, By this short tract I would like to help you find, -not only the question,
but, -more important, help YOU find the ANSWER.
But first, let us take a look at how it all started.

When God created man according to His image, -as it is written in the Bible.
He created us mainly for two reasons:
1: Firstly He created us in order that He could have an harmonic fellowship with us,
and we with Him. As it is written: He created us in His own image. Gen. 1:26-27.
2: Secondly he created us and blessed us in order that we should subdue the world,
- that means; -take responsibility for this planet we are living on. Gen. 1:28-31.

When God created us according to His own free will, -he created even us with the same free will.
He did not create us as robots, but as living creatures having a free will.
But in order for us to to carry out Gods purpose and plan for this planet,
it was of greatest importance that we had a close relationship in harmony with Him,
- and followed His will. But man fell in sin, -and the close relationship with God was broken.
Due to that we can see the consequences all around us every day. People hate each other,
-poverty is the reality for millions, -sickness and decease hits us all…..
And the whole earth seems to be out of balance.

The Bible tells us that in the midst of that wonderful harmony that God had created,
satan was able to deceive man and had them act against the will of God.
To act against the will of God is called sin. And sin now created a gap between God and man.
Suddenly that harmony was broken.

But I have good news to share with you: The Bible tells us that “God is Love”. 1.Joh. 4:8 and 16.
The human race, -you and I included-, were lost. Or as the Bible puts it:
“Having no hope and without God in the world.” Eph. 2:12.
This has created a meaningless emptiness inside each one of us.
And it is this emptiness that makes each one of us, -regardless and etnic or religious belonging-,
seek to find the answer of lifes most important question. We all need something to hold on to in life.
I need it, -and you need it!

We all need to get back to harmony with God! But how?
It was that question that actually was answered on that concrete wall in the Philippines.
As it was written: “Jesus is the answer”.

As you will know, it is not always easy to put our inner feelings into words.
This is also how a young Pharisee and a ruler of the Jews, felt when he during a night came to Jesus
in order to get his inner feelings of emptiness answered. Even though he was not able to put it
into words, he did the right thing: He came to Jesus with his emptiness and frustration about life.
Jesus knew exactly why he came, and said to him: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God”. John 3:3. Did you know that Jesus Christ actually is Gods answer to us?
The Bible tells us how Jesus, the Son of God, in a miraculous way was born into this world around
2000 years ago. Around 30 years later he was crucified and died on the cross on the Calvary Hill.
And as he died, he cried out: “It is finished”. John 19:30. As Jesus, the Holy Son of God,
gave His life as an atonement for our sins, he again opened the way back to God for restoration,
harmony and communion. The author of the letter to the Hebrews says that He has opened
“a new and living way” back to God. Hebr. 10:20.

Then another important question comes up: How can we, -you and I, experience this restored
fellowship with God.? Actually that is the main theme through the whole Bible.
The Evangelist John says it like this:
“As many as received Him, (Jesus) to them He gave the right to become Children of God,
even to those who believe in His name.” John 1:12.
The Apostle Peter answered the question like this:
“Repent, and let each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness
of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” Acts 2: 37-38.

At the age of 19 even I experienced this miracle in my life. I bowed my knees and confessed
my sin before God. And this inexplicable miracle happened to me: I was born anew!
Not long after I was baptized and got into a wonderful Church-fellowship.

The Apostle John writes in his first letter: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous
to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1.John 1:9.

As I come to a conclusion, I like to ask you a challenging question: Have you found the answer?
Have you received Jesus as your personal Saviour and Lord?
If not, confess your sins and receive Jesus Christ today, and become reconciled with God.
In the book of Revelation it says:
“Behold I have put before you an open door which no one can shut.”Rev.3:8.
Today, You can enter that open door, -the door into a blessed and rich fellowship with God.

I will ask you to pray this prayer with me:
Dear Lord Jesus Christ.
I come before you and confess my sin.
Today, I repent from my sin and ask you to be my Saviour and Lord.
Thank you for receiving me just as I am.
Help me to live according to your will and plan for my life.

As you have prayed this prayer with an honest desire, you now are a child of God.
Be sure to get in touch with a church in order to find fellowship and help.

Yes, it is true: Jesus is the answer, -also for you.

God bless you my friend.
Oystein Sandtorv.
The Good News Ministry,

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