More than hundred people attended Gospel-meeting in Slavonski Brod.

It was with a certain excitement we had our 2nd Gospel-meeting in Slavonski Brod on March 16th.
Pastor Goran and his young Church of only 19 members, had done a great job to make the meeting
known in the city by posters, handbills and TV- and radio-announcements.
Beside this, they had spent lots of time in prayer.

After sharing the Good News to the people I invited those who were not born again to come and
receive Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Ten people came forward, and even some of them had
been for prayer before, they came to confirm their decision.

It was like Heavenly music in my ears when Pastor Goran led them in prayer.
After the prayer for salvation, lots of people came for prayer for healing.
And God confirmed his Word. We give all glory and honor to Jesus!

We are now planning a new Gospel-meeting in another city, Slatina, April 2nd.
Here we have been able to rent the City-hall. Then on April 7-8 and 9th we will have
a 3-days Gospel-crusade, this time again in Slavonski Brod.

We like to thank all of you standing with us in prayer and support for this outreach.
Each of these meetings costs us around 300,- Euro. And we are still in need for some
extra support to cover the costs.
Thanks for taking part with us. God Bless you!
Edith and Oeystein.

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