After ten hours drive from Osijek in Croatia, through Serbia, passing by Kosovo and all
the way close up to Bulgarian border in south east Macedonia, we finally reached the
city of Strumica. The Macedonian evangelist and pastor, Slave, had invited us to his
home-town to meet with some of the Christian leaders in the region.
Even though he did not tell us in advance, I am sure he knew that we would hear
"The Macedonian Cry" while we were there, -AND WE DID, -STRONG AND CLEAR!

Living in thes part of Croatia we are used to see powerty among lots of people,
but our meeting with the simple life and powerty among lots of people in Macedonia
made a strong impression on us. In addition, great numbers of people seems to be
without hope for the future both financially and spiritually. This really made us hear
"The Macedonian Cry"; "COME OVER AND HELP US!"
Due to this, we are now planning a big Gospel-campaign , -3 days-, in the city of Strumica,
9th-10th and 11th of June.
The campaign will be held in a hall in the center of the city seating more than 500 people.
If this will be too small, we have the option to move to the sports-hall that seats around 4000.
As we were in Strumica I also made a 5 minutes TV-spot to be used for advertising the campaign
in June. Just ahead of the campaign we will make a 45 minutes documentare/magazine program
on local TV in Strumica. In this program we will also show glimses from our aid during the time
of war in former Yugoslavia.
Beside this, our campaign.meetings will be broadcasted to several hundred thousands in the
south east Macedonia as well as parts of Bulgaria. We pray and believe God that hundreds of
people will find Christ and get eternal hope during these campaign.

Just a few weeks ago I wrote a simple Gospel-tract in Croatian. The tract titled; "Lifes Most Important Question",
is a simple guide to the way of salvation in Christ Jesus.
Due to our financial situation we were only able to print 1000 copies.
They are now all gone, and we need to reprint them. Now they also want to have it translated to Serbian
as well as Macedonia. CAN SOMEONE HELP US?!

But also here in Croatia people are waiting for us. March 16th we will again have a Gospel-meeting in
Slavonski Brod, and then again a 3 days crusade the 7th - 8th and 9th of April.
Last month 12 people came to receive Christ as Saviour and Lord in our Gospel-meeting.
This time we believe God for many more.

Stay with us in prayer as we reach out to the needy people on Balkan with The Word of God as well as
meeting their fysical need.
We need your prayer and financial support as newer before. "Come over and help us!"
Yours for the people of Balkan
Edith and Oeystein.

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